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self propelled cranes

Diverse crane services, whether loading and unloading, movement or placement of elements oriented to the construction sector.

Construction materials

Sale of generic aggregates for construction in general.


Island and inter-island transport of all types of merchandise, materials and equipment, focusing above all on covering the needs of construction works and infrastructures.

We offer you everything you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

On occasion, our facilities are used as a material deposit for those clients who so wish. In this way, as our clients need these materials and always following their instructions, our fleet moves them to the site.

In another order, it should be noted that Transportes Luján SL, complies with all the requirements set by Law for the exercise of the activities detailed above, having its fleet with all the permits, insurance and reviews to guarantee with it a correct development of the contracted services. for our clients.


 If you want to know the characteristics of our fleet as well as see photos of it and the work carried out, you can go to paragraph 




All our works have the maximum security and professionalism. That is why our clients always count on us.

Many years of experience guarantee us.

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